Help for the flu season, Part 5

Now, last week, I mentioned tips on how to stay healthy. IF we do get sick, here are some of the natural remedies we use to get better.

For general sickness (a combination of the illnesses for which specific remedies are listed below):

  • Take Echinacea and Astragalus pills (2-3 each, each meal). Both of these are anti-viral herbs.
  • Drink grapefruit seed extract (10 to 15 drops for adults – much less for kids) in a cup of orange juice. (This stuff is incredibly bitter by itself). I think you are supposed to take it with food, too, otherwise I hear it’s hard on tummies. 
  • Increase consumption of garlic. I usually make a strong soup with fresh garlic in it. We do veggie-chicken noodle and REALLY add a lot of garlic to it.
  • Depending on if the bug is the flu or a cold, we take Boiron’s Oscillococcinum or ColdCalm.

For sore throat:

  • Lick salt or gargle with salt water. 
  • Suck on activated charcoal tablets. (Which, by the way, are REALLY good to take if you get the stomach flu or food poisoning, especially. Just keep a bucket handy because it really makes a mess if it comes back up again.)
  • Drink lemon juice.
  • Do a throat heating compress (at night). Wrap a thin piece of cotton (thin like a handkerchief, only 1 piece of cloth thick) that has been wet in cold water (and rung out well) around the neck. Cover this with a 100% wool sock or another piece of wool (a scarf would probably be too thick) and pin with a safety pin. It should start heating up in moments. I sleep like this and when I wake up my sore throat is frequently better.

For a cold:

  • If you’re congested, inhale steam. I bought a steam inhaler at Rite Aid. I just pour water in it and inhale the steam. I guess you could add some Eucalyptus oil to it if desired. You can also use a hot pot of water that you plug into the wall, but be careful not to burn your face/ nose by inhaling the steam too closely. This really helps to decongest your sinuses.
  • Sinusalia from Boiron is a small naturopathic pill thing that you have to dissolve under your tongue. It helped last time I was sick.

And… we’ll pick up here next week. Or maybe the next. We are getting ready to leave to go on vacation next week!

This is what Works for Me. For more Works for Me tips, visit Rocks In My Dryer.

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  1. Slather your feet with vicks, then put on a pair of wool socks before bed. Helps with the cough, and also warms your body. Nice. Works for me every time. : )

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