My kitchen!

Here are a couple pictures of my tiny kitchen/ dining area. Just so you know what I have to deal with. 🙂 (These kitchens are meant for people who eat out all the time. I tell you.)

My colors are dark green (kind of a dark lime green) and brown, I guess. I can’t paint anything because we’re renting and have a finicky landlord. Also, I hate the linoleum flooring. If I could paint the kitchen, I’d paint the right-side wall either dark lime green or chocolate color and the rest a cream color.

This is my kitchen window:

Kitchen Window














I love the view! Because we’re on the second floor of our apartment, I have a year-round cute view of cumquat trees (mini-oranges). Believe me, it’s much better than being able to stare right across into my neighbor’s kitchen window. (Ugh. Joys of city living.) But back to my cumquat trees. There are darling birds that jump around in them and I occasionally see interesting birds that I’ve never seen before.

Um, yup. This is THE kitchen. My tiny kitchen. Mmm hmm. (On the right side, I have a counter thingy from Ikea, and a table.)

















And this is the tiny dining area, also part of the “kitchen” area.










So yeah. You see what I’m dealing with… an itsy-bitsy kitchen. But hey, I’ve learned to cope. 🙂 I’m actually considering re-arranging a bit to keep myself a little more organized.

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