Menu Plan for this week

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you know that I plan my menus the week before, do a lot of cooking on the weekend, and eat leftovers all week for my sack lunches until the next weekend. We also eat lighter suppers and our big meal for lunch. So here is what I’ve been up to for the last week:

  • Friday: lunch was stuffed peppers (stuffed with rice sauteed with onion, seasonings, and textured vegetable protein and spaghetti sauce on top), kale sauteed with onion and sundried tomato, and salad. Supper was apple crisp.
  • Saturday, we went to a pot luck for lunch. It was supposed to be a potluck cooked by men, but my dh doesn’t cook. Fortunately, I had some frozen bean patties (pureed pinto beans with gluten flour, oatmeal, veggies, and seasonings – sounds weird but it is pretty good and very economical if you’re feeding a crowd!) in the freezer. So I gave him super-easy instructions for a super-easy gravy and he made that and put it on top of the bean patties. For supper, we went to Chipotle (actually I went to Chipotle and he went to Subway and we both ate inside at Chipotle). ‘Twas a cheap date.
  • Sunday, for breakfast: I made cashew oatmeal waffles. I wanted to take a picture of those for you, but alas, my small point-and-shoot camera is broken, and the battery for my big SLR camera is about permanently dead. Must get a new one! I topped it with my no-sugar fruit sauce. For lunch, I made mashed potatoes, breaded gluten, corn and peas, and salad with fresh, homemade sprouts. I’ll have to show you how to make those sometime (once my camera is fixed). They are super-easy, cheap, and yummy in salads and sandwiches. We didn’t eat supper because we ate breakfast as a brunch and lunch as an early dinner.
  • Last night I made Tammy’s whole wheat bread. I haven’t had very good success with my bread making recently. It has turned out OK but ends up being dry and unappetizing after about day 1. So her post last week interested me and I decided to make some and see how it lasts for our sandwiches this week. So far, so good!  It rose more than any of the loaves I’ve made recently. It was light and not dense. My dh (who hadn’t been impressed recently with the dense loaves) was very impressed this morning when we had it for breakfast!
  • For our lunches this week, (yes, dh finally decided to start having me pack his lunches!), we are alternating days of leftover mashed potatoes and gluten and stuffed peppers. I figure there should be about 2 days of each, which is perfect for the four days that we have to pack lunches.
  • Oh, for a special treat this week, I’m going to try this Irish white bean and cabbage stew for supper tomorrow night. That should last us for a couple of suppers. I’m going to do the crock pot version and set it to cook while I am at work. Tonight for supper we’re going to have sandwiches with the yummy bread!

So that’s what’s been cooking in my kitchen for this week. For more great menu ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday.

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