Food for international travel

I am going on a mission trip in a few days to a country where I am only supposed to drink bottled water (bad bad, yes I know, and I have given up plastic water bottles other than that) and eat cooked food or food that has been peeled.

Since I am vegetarian and eat vegan most of the time, I was trying to figure out how to ensure that I will be able to eat well on this trip. I can’t really go raw for this trip since I’m not supposed to eat raw. Unless I lived on bananas, papaya, and mangoes, but bananas and me don’t get along THAT well, I don’t like papaya and I used to be allergic to mangoes.

Last week I was visiting my parents and my mom suggested I should dehydrate some goodies while I was visiting them. I was even going to contact one of my friends who frequently dehydrates food for camping trips. But she never called me back and I ran out of time to dehydrate anything while visiting them.

Well, this week I did a bunch of research about dried food. And I was planning, as of last night, to dehydrate a bunch of goodies (including cashew cheese sauce, hummus, butternut squash soup, and kale chips). But GRRR, last night, I went to THREE different stores in search of a dehydrator. But to no avail. Bed, Bath, and Beyond didn’t have any in stock. And the two health stores were out of stock or didn’t sell them.

So I’m up a creek. I guess I will get a little “hot pot” and buy some dried soup mixes and cous cous mixes and just take those. And I guess I’ll take sea weed sheets instead of kale.

But I thought I would share some fascinating links with ya’ll that I found about dehydrating food for travel or backpacking trips. EXCELLENT, in case you are on a diet and leaving the country or going camping or something!

Oh yeah. I still need to get a dehydrator at some point. Then I’ll be able to try more raw-type recipes. Won’t that be fun?! 🙂

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