Tofu Tuesday, a day late

Breakfast casserole for #tofutuesday
Breakfast casserole for #tofutuesday
I was thinking of making breakfast burritos on Monday night, but opted for this easier-sounding breakfast casserole. Plus I just really, really wanted to try the “Mom’s Morning Casserole” from the Vegan Brunch Cookbook.

I did make a few adjustments on this recipe. I pre-boiled the potatoes so they were already tender, so I just layered them in the bottom of the casserole dish. Then I layered the other layers on top without baking anything, and I baked it the next morning for about 45 minutes total. That went well. 

The other major change I made was that I didn’t have tempeh, so I used TVP (textured vegetable protein). I reconstituted it with some broth I had on hand and a little water. I also didn’t have any fennel to add. 

DH and I really liked it!

And so far, all the recipes from Vegan Brunch have been incredible. I’m so pleased with the book, and totally recommend it!

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