Goals Progress Update

Well, here is a quick update about some of my goals and how they’re coming.

1. Journaling. Well, I haven’t done it every week. But I have written twice since the new year. Not bad.

2. Exercise – well, perhaps once a week. Need to increase that a bit to make it up to 4 times a week.

3. Going green. Yaaay, I’m making progress here! I bought some glass pyrex containers to take my lunch to work in, because I’ve been a little worried about using plastic and its effects on health. So the food isn’t as separated as those nice plastic microwave containers, but I don’t have to worry about plastic byproducts either. I also bought a really nifty set of reusable utensils to take to work. They are GREAT! I feel wonderful using them. And my coworkers all look at them and say, “Oh, those are cute!” And I feel great because I’m not throwing away plastic utensils every day. Also, I’ve been taking my reusable Trader Joe bags with me when I go shopping. I’ve remembered them for every grocery shopping trip so far. (It’s the other shopping places that I forget to bring them.) But I am doing better over all and cutting way down on the plastic bags that I bring home. I still need to get some produce bags.

4. I am currently working on getting my finances in order in Quicken. I finally figured out how to get it to work correctly. Now I’m just going through and itemizing all expenses since last March. Ayiyi… big job. 😛

*Edit: See how others are coming along with their goals this year at the Happy Housewife’s blog!

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New Year’s goals…

I have been contemplating what kinds of goals (er, resolutions – but I like calling them “goals” much better) to make this year and have come up with several.

  • Journal at least once a week. (I used to be faithful at journaling, but I have been slacking ever since I moved to my current location.)
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week, with DH.
  • Simplify, organize, and go green. Recycle. Re-use more and buy less. Avoid unnecessary plastic and paper (remember to take my bags with me when I go shopping!!). I’ve been doing some interesting research on the internet and have come across several ideas about how to “go green.” I have been considering joining a CSA. (Community supported agriculture.) What you do is put a certain amount of money into some farms and they give you a box of organic fruits and veggies every week. So. I don’t know, I’m still thinking about that option but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. Fresh, non-supermarket organic veggies and fruit… every week… mmmm.
  • Finances. I happen to be in charge of finances at my house, and I plan to get organized in this department. I bought Quicken 2007 for Mac which will help me itemize stuff and help with taxes (I hope). We need to wipe out some credit card debt from when my dh was in med school, so we’ll be getting busy on that (we’ve been chipping away at it, but we really need to wipe it out…)
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