Menu Plan for Thanksgiving week!

As usual, I planned my menu for this week last week since I go food shopping on Thursday night after work. However, I also planned my menu for Thanksgiving time to begin stocking up on appropriate ingredients. Plus, I had to do a little brainstorming since our Thanksgiving is going to be on the road. Plus, I just looooove planning vacations. Yes. Indeed. Maybe even overplanning, ha!

So here’s the plan for the rest of this week and the extended Thanksgiving menu/ prep forecast. 🙂

  • I’m already somewhat ahead of schedule on the prep. On Friday, I made Touchere Individual-Pies. They are individual vegetarian dinner pies. I made them with sauteed onion, prosage (kind of like vegetarian sausage), seasonings, and instant mashed potatoes.
  • Today and tomorrow I’ve planned leftover lunches for myself. I’ve got leftover gluten steaks from last week’s Thanksgiving potluck at work. I also plan a salad each day (see the salad packing idea here). Hubby gets his meals at the hospital cafeteria where he works.
  • Tonight, I think I’ll make homemade brown oatmeal rolls. I’m going to make a big batch since our church group is having a “Thanksgiving dinner” event on Saturday night for nearby university students who couldn’t go home for the holidays. Even though we won’t be in town, I will make extra rolls to contribute. And my husband loves homemade rolls, so we’ll be taking some with us, of course!
  • Tomorrow night, I think I’ll make pumpkin pie squares and cranberry salad. 
  • I’m not sure what to do about lunch on Wednesday since it’s only a half day at work. I might grab a lunch at a fast-food place since I’ll probably be running a few errands in preparation for the weekend. 
  • Wednesday afternoon, I plan on doing laundry and packing up all our food for the extended Thanksgiving weekend. 
  • Menu for the extended Thanksgiving weekend on the road: Because we’ll be exploring national and state parks and landmarks for much of the time on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I plan to make sandwiches of varying types for those lunches. Thanksgiving dinner will be the Touchere Pies, instant mashed potatoes (cheap, I know…), rolls, cranberry salad, and pumpkin pie squares. Friday dinner will likely be haystacks (like a taco salad, only ingredients are layered on chips). And Saturday night we’ll probably eat out someplace. On Sunday, we’ll be on the road most of the day and by Sunday night, we might be back home. Depends on traffic. Breakfasts will be at the motels where we’re staying, likely supplemented by some food that I’ll bring. 

So… that’s the menu plan for preparation and food on the road. Visit Org Junkie for more menu ideas!

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Our Thanksgiving-on-a-Budget

So, I don’t know about you, but we are NOT liking the looks of airline prices for cross-country flights. And seeing that both my husband’s family and my family live a good 2-3 days’ drive from where we live, and we are not going to take any vacation time (other than what our work gives us for the holiday), we decided that unfortunately we will not be visiting our families for Thanksgiving. 😦

But we still wanted to do something fun. My husband just took his boards exam for his medicine specialty, and he’s been spending lots of time studying, so we are going to go to some national parks for Thanksgiving vacation (he gets off work on Wednesday evening, so we’ll leave home after he gets off, and drive back on Sunday afternoon).

It helps that earlier this year, we bought a national parks pass for $80. We’ve already been to one park, which would have charged us $20 for entry. And there will be two national parks within driving distance of the place where we’re going for Thanksgiving, so we can go to both parks for free. Plus, since this national parks pass is an “inter-agency” pass, we can also go to any state parks or forests for free, too! 

So, we’ll be saving on travel expenses. Thankfully, the gas prices have been plummeting. We will be spending on lodging since it will be cold where we’re going (it might even snow – nice treat for us!) so we’re staying in a motel which has a microwave and mini-fridge. Oh yes, and the motel has a complementary breakfast.

This means that we’re going to have a simplified menu – and it will just be for the two of us. 

I’m thinking that for our Thanksgiving dinner, we’ll have the following:

  1. Touchere pie triangles (a vege-meat-filled pie square or triangle with potatoes inside)
  2. Pumpkin pie squares (similar to this recipe at Heavenly Homemakers, I think)
  3. A cranberry-relish salad (similar to this recipe)
  4. Instant mashed potatoes and gravy
  5. I dunno what else. Maybe some rolls or something.

Anyway, you can see I’ve been trying to brainstorm ideas for a creative, healthy, economical Thanksgiving-on-the-road. 

For the rest of our meals, I’m planning to do some baking ahead of time (banana nut muffins), bring some cold cereal and powdered milk (in case the complementary breakfast doesn’t turn out to be very good), make haystacks for one dinner, and bring sandwich fixings for our sandwiches which we’ll eat out at the parks, I suppose.

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